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Fire Engine Trucks Used Great Deals for Your Fire Department
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100-year-old retired firefighter celebrates birthday with 1914 Seagrave

Published on: April 19th, 2014

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A retired California fire captain celebrated his 100th birthday atop a 1914 Seagrave fire engine.

Frank Baron Jr. served in the San Diego Fire Department for 25 years, beginning in 1941, UTSanDiego.com reported.

Baron drove the 1914 Seagrave during his time with the department. The rig was in service until 1952, according to UTSanDiego.com.

The surprise birthday celebration took place Thursday at the San Diego Firehouse Museum.

“Since his 95th birthday, he’s been living to turn 100,” current firefighter Jim Atkinson, who organized the party for Baron, told UTSanDiego.com. “I’m so happy with how this turned out. His eyes lit up and the life came into his face when he walked into the room.”

Baron now has a new goal: “Now, I’m shooting for 110.”

Read the full story and see pictures at UTSanDiego.com here. More about the San Diego Firehouse Museum is here.

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South Carolina fire truck struck while assisting motorist

Published on: April 18th, 2014

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A South Carolina rescue truck was damaged Wednesday night when it was hit from behind by an SUV.

From WYFF4.com:

Piercetown Fire Chief Andrew Massey said that his fire department was responding to a driver whose tire had blown out on the northbound side of I-85 around 7:30 p.m.

The department’s rescue truck had stopped to help the motorist when an SUV ran into the back of the fire vehicle, Massey said.

The driver of the SUV is identified as a reporter from Georgia who was travelling with his girlfriend, according to IndependentMail.com.

From the Newnan Times-Herald:

[Bradley] Hartsell had to be extricated and was flown by air ambulance to Greenville Memorial Hospital. His girlfriend was taken by ground ambulance. She was listed in serious condition by the hospital Thursday afternoon.

Hartsell had a severely broken leg, collapsed lung, brain concussion and other injuries.

Read WYFF4.com’s full story here. IndependentMail.com’s story and photos are here. More from Newnan Times-Herald, where Hartsell works, is here.

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California fire trucks collide, 14 injured

Published on: April 16th, 2014

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Two California fire trucks collided Wednesday, leaving 14 people hurt.

From KABC:

Monterey Park Police said an Alhambra Fire Dept. truck collided with a Monterey Park fire engine, sending the fire engine into the Lu Dumpling House restaurant on the southeast corner. Both trucks were responding to a house fire.

From LATimes.com:

The Alhambra Fire Department said one of its trucks was involved, but that a Monterey Park fire truck crashed into the restaurant.

Five firefighters were among those transported, KABC reported.

Click the image above to watch KCAL’s video

KABC’s complete coverage is here. LATimes.com’s story is here. KCAL’s story and video are here. MyFoxLA.com’s story, video and photos are here. NBCLosAngeles.com’s story and video are here. Read LAist.com’s full story and see photos here. A story and photo from KTLA.com are here.



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VIDEO: Wisconsin fire truck gets stuck in sinkhole

Published on: April 15th, 2014

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A Wisconsin fire truck needed to be rescued by a tow truck Tuesday after a sinkhole opened under the rig.

From JournalTimes.com:

Matt Bodenbach, the [Racine] firefighter who was driving the truck when the ground gave way, said it felt like a pothole at first. Then the rig started to lean and that was when he got out and saw it was more than a pothole.

A tow truck was able to pull the fire truck out about an hour later, JournalTimes.com reported.

Battalion Chief Paul Madden told the JournalTimes.com the rig had “minimal” damage.

Read JournalTimes.com full story and see pictures here.

Some other rigs have run into similar trouble in the past few months. FireTruckBlog’s posts about sinkholes in Cleveland is here, about Indianapolis is here and about Atlanta is here.

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VIDEO: San Antonio fire trucks collide with each other

Published on: April 14th, 2014

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Two San Antonio fire trucks collided Monday morning, sending two firefighters to the hospital.

From MySanAntonio.com:

Engine 33 was coming down an exit ramp when it collided with Ladder 8 while responding to a call for a structure fire and possible electrocution, [San Antonio Fire Chief Fire Chief Charles Hood] said.

The firefighters were wearing seatbelts, MySanAntonio.com reported.

“These are some of the most dangerous calls firefighters respond to every single day just driving,” Chief Hood said in KSAT.com‘s video above. “So we’re very, very happy that there weren’t more serious injuries.”

Officials will inspect the rigs to determine how much damage they sustained, according to MySanAntonio.com and KSAT.com.

Last Wednesday, two California fire trucks crashed while responding to a call. See FireTruckBlog.com’s previous story here.

KSAT.com’s story about the San Antonio collision is here. MySanAntonio.com’s full story and photos are here.

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Missiouri fire truck out for repairs after collision with car

Published on: April 14th, 2014

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A ladder truck in Missouri was damaged Saturday afternoon after a collision with a car.

The Columbia Fire Department rig was returning from a call, according to ColumbiaMissiourian.com.

From ColumbiaMissourian.com:

The truck was traveling west on Hinkson Avenue when it came to a four-way stop at the intersection of North William Street. As the truck was turning left into the intersection, a silver Volkswagen Jetta, which was heading north, struck it on the side.

It was unclear whether the Jetta stopped at the stop sign, said Patrol Officer Dan Wright, who is investigating the crash.

The three firefighters were all wearing seatbelts and not injured, ColumbiaMissourian.com reported.

Division Chief Jerry Jenkins told ColumbiaMissourian.com the truck had “significant damage” to its side and a reserve truck will be used until it is repaired.

Read ColumbiaMissourian.com’s full story and see more pictures here.

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VIDEO: New Indiana fire truck dedicated to fallen firefighter

Published on: April 12th, 2014

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An Indiana department dedicated its new Pierce tanker to a firefighter who died in a 2012 crash.

From IndianasNewsCenter.com:

It was 17 months ago when [Mark Haudenschild II] was killed in a rollover accident while on his way to put out a fire. Not only was Haudenschild lost, but so was the tanker he was driving.

Through an outpouring of honor and support, the Washington Township Fire Department dedicated their new tanker in the fallen firefighter’s memory.

Not only did they dedicate the truck by naming it in Mark Haudenschild II’s honor, but they also gave it the same number.

From WANE.com:

The fire department’s tanker holds 3,000 gallons of water, and gives the department two tankers once again. Gillett said the tanker was replaced through the department’s insurance policy, which would replace the old one at no financial cost to the department.

The new tanker includes a back-up camera, LED lights, and a computerized water pump.

The new rig was delivered to the station in February, and firefighters have spent the last couple of months training on it, Washington Township Fire Chief Brian Gillett told WANE.

Read WANE’s full story here. Video and a story from IndianasNewsCenter is here.

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VIDEO: California fire trucks collide headed to call

Published on: April 10th, 2014

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Two California firefighters were hurt Wednesday morning when their fire trucks collided.

Daly City Engine 92 and Ladder 95 were responding to a call at the time, KTVU.com and KGO-TV reported.

From KTVU.com:

Neighbors in Daly City said the crash sounded almost like an explosion. Two firefighters were injured and taken to San Francisco General Hospital in serious condition.

“I see them with a lot of blood on the face,” Angela Guzman told KTVU. “The firefighters- there was a lot of blood and their hands broken.”

A parked car was also smashed up. A witness said the man sitting in it was shaken but not injured. One resident said a paramedic on the engine truck almost immediately began attending to his injured colleagues.

From KGO-TV:

The two firefighters were taken to the hospital after both lost consciousness after the crash. Fire Capt. Mike Chavez is listed in fair condition and Engine Operator Chris Baldwin is in serious condition.

Daly City police are investigating the cause of the crash, according to KTVU.com.

KTVU.com’s full story, a photo and video are here. KGO-TV’s story and video are here. Video from KPIX-TV is here. A story and photo from NBCBayArea.com is here.

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VIDEO: Walk around of new Pennsylvania Pierce

Published on: April 10th, 2014

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The Hopwood Volunteer Fire Department took delivery of a new Pierce at the end of last year, and THEMAJESTIRIUM1 recently posted video of the new rig on YouTube.

The pumper has a 750 gallon tank and can pump 1,500 gallons per minute, according to Pierce’s website.

Watch the video above to see some of the truck’s features and see more specifications of Hopwood’s new rig here on Pierce’s site.

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Old Texas truck finds new home in museum

Published on: April 8th, 2014

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It started life in 1943 serving the military, then helped fight fires to various departments around Texas before being sold privately. Now, this Chevorlet has found a home in a museum.

In 1946, one man donated $1,500 so the Round Rock Fire Department could buy the rig and his son is one of the people who helped get the truck restored after it was discovered in an old barn two years ago, Statesman.com‘s Jennifer Wisian reported.

From Statesman.com:

By piecing together various accounts and records, [Fraternal Order of the Round Rock Volunteer Fire Department president Ed] Girvan was able to explain where the engine went after the Round Rock Fire Department retired it from service in 1975.

“In 1975, the engine went to serve as the first fire apparatus for the Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department, which had formed that year,” he said. “In 1980, it went to serve for the Sam Bass Volunteer Fire Company for a few years. In the mid-80s, it was sold to the private sector and lost after further sales.

“Two years ago, we found it in a barn. With the help of Sam Bass Fire Chief David Kieschnick, we brought it to Robert Behrens who, with the help of a group of people, helped restore it.”

Last weekend, Round Rock Fire Engine No. 2 was welcomed into the Firehouse Museum at Old Settlers Park.

Read the Statesman.com’s full story and see pictures here. More photos can be found on Round Rock Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page here.

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